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European Championship 505 class 8.7.2017 - "Warnemünder Woche" 2017. All pictures from saturday (race 3 and race 4). Organizer: Joersfelder Segel-Club e.V.
The first 125 shots are a "BestOf" of the full gallery - starting with 126 in chronological order - note that some copter based images are only avail. in the Bestof-Selection.
- Results on manage2sail
- German class association 505
- Facebook Preview
- Blog article on

Full gallery upload ended: 16.7.2017 1PM
Update history: 27.7.17: ordering activated (but see below)

Zodiac helmsmen: a thousand thxs to Günther Seemann for these precise moves, cool-headed kind and never ending patience for all my ideas :)!
Between race split level visuals start at image 743.
Copter & image stacking photography with a separate price list!
Ordering is now possible but be aware that participants of the European Championship will get a special free access link from the german class association for this gallery (private use only)!

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